The 36 "ANGELS"

1)Joanna Chew
2)Elisabeth Eng
3)Man Jia
4)Grace Tung
Table Tennis
5)Ching Yun
6)Jia Xin
7)Annabelle Khoo
8)Wei Min
9)Ling Min
Infocomm Club
Chinese Society
11)Jia Mei
Infocomm Club
12)Yen Han
13)Yan Jun
Table Tennis
Chinese society
18)Sherlyn. (:
Chinese Society
20)Qian Ru
21)Wye Inn?
Gu Zhenger
22)Hai Hua
SJAB -.-
Chinese Society
24)Jing Ren
25)Yu Long The Vice Ding
27)Ming Han aka 小白
Track & Field
29)Zhen Wen
30)Wen Kai
Table Tennis
32)Hoe Shuen
33)Yong Ming
Air Rifle
35)Tse Shuen


#o.2 Cooperate wif each other? XD
#o.3 Get along well...
#o.5 To say that 2A rox!!

Our Schedule

End of Year exams -.-

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Visual Poetry -
Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We are thinking of planning a class chalet/gathering in the June holidays!
most probably at the same chalet as the previous two gatherings. (if you dont know then just scroll down until u see the big big map)

Yup, so please tell us when you guys are free, - on tagboard - although i know there's the blocked time thing during the hols. But then again some of you may be spending a whole lot of money during the recession and helping to boost the economy by investing in tourism, so please inform us when u'll b away...
Cus we want u at our chalet and not at any other country during the gathering! :)

Ok, take your time to plan ur june hols, then tell us when u want the chalet to be.

Thank you! All the best for term 2 ^^

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Monday, February 9, 2009

HELLO 2A08! how are u guys.
haha gd luck for all the upcoming tests/assignments/and whatever graded stuff

YAY RANDOM POST and obviously an attempt to liven this place up :)

and a random picure (i think it's cute haha)

ok bye

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Monday, November 24, 2008



Okay here are the details. Most of them are confirmed. Please read through the whole thing as there are loads of details and info. So read carefully too. Thanks :D

Date: 27 November 2008, Thursday

Venue:(look at the map)

HomeTeamNS Pasir Ris Chalet is located at No 125A - 125H Pasir Ris Road (next to PA Holiday Chalets).

Time: around 5pm - 11pm (or later)

Transportation: Bus 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange (i think)

Price: $10-$14. So bring along $14 just in case, as i'm not too sure how much the food costs. But this price is already inclusive of the chalet booking fees.

Eli's bday celebration
Here's a rough idea of what we're going to do.

(If it's a perfectly SUNNY DAY msn sun Pictures, Images and Photos)
12:00 - Meet up and have lunch together + cake cutting session.
13:30 - Escape Theme Park :D
15:50 - Leave the theme park and go back to downtown east mcdonalds to meet the rest of the 2A ppl going for chalet.

(Wet-weather plan Rain Cloud Pictures, Images and Photos)
Maybe we can hang out at the e-hub and... watch movie? I don't know. But let's all just pray it won't rain.

People going for chalet only

16:30 - Meet up and take bus 403 from downtown east to the chalet venue.

Updated on 26 November 08

People going for Eli's bday celebration:
Updated on 26 November 08
1. Jia Mei
2. Jing Ren
3. Wye Inn
4. Grace
5. Pearl
6. Jia Xin
7. Nicole
8. Yulong
9. Ming Han
10. Wen Kai
12. Benjamin
13. Edric

(Fraser and Zhenwen cannot make it because of training, and i think Hoe Shuen... got sth on?)

Wye Inn's Mum is going to help to prepare the food for the BBQ,
And Jing Ren has volunteered to cater bee hoon.
Yeah, so thank them :D We've got food ^^

- Volleyball
- Basketball
- Water bombs
- Cycling (provided everyone agrees)
- Card games (please remember to bring cards)
- And whatever other stuff you all feel like doing.

Items to bring:
` Extra attire (we'll be having water games. see 'Activities' above)
` Money
` Ez-link card (to take bus)
` Water bottle (optional)
` Poncho (optional) - for those people going to escape. if you dont want to get drenched after taking the wet and wild attraction thing.

Attire: You may want to come in the red class tee :D

** We need people to help out with the preparations of the food. So, for those people who are not going to Escape Theme Park, you are encouraged to go over to meet up with Wye Inn (around 12pm outside downtown east mcdonalds) and check in to the chalet after having lunch. Do give Wye Inn a call before meeting up. Thanks :)

See you all soon :D


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

There will be updates on our class chalet tomorrow with the confirmed details.
So do come here to check out the details tmr.

Meanwhile, here's to all people going for the chalet.
Who wants to stay over? Anyone can stayover as long as u promise not to burn down the building or get yourself eaten and stuff like that. > <
Yup, lol. So if you wanna stay over please tag or inform me asap. (by asap i mean before the chalet date, not on that day itself. or you may end up staying alone o.o)
And do call more people to stay with you unless you want to stay alone...

Thank you :D


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chalet Updates :D
Really sorry it took so long though :x


Those under the 'Not Sure' column, please confirm your attendance with Wye Inn, Pearl or Grace by 22 November 08 (Saturday).
Please pass this message to the others on the list if you happen to see this. Thanks.

If there are any mistakes with the list, please tag to inform me. Yup thanks.

As for the food, Wye Inn's Mum volunteered to help? Probably to prepare finger food like fishballs, otah, sausages etc. But it's not confirmed yet.

Anyone wanna help to prepare carbohydrate-rich food? LOL like rice, noodles etc.

If we aren't able to work this out i think we'll cater... (which means more money so do try to help out with food ok?)

-Each person would have to pay
(tentatively, cos we don't know the final no. of ppl going)

- And, please think of activities and games to play during the chalet okay :D Tag ur suggestions.
(Edric, think before u tag, kindly refrain from spamming.
lol. no offence.)

Here's a list of those people who are joining Eli's bday celebration :)
Jia Mei
Jing Ren
Wye Inn
Jia Xin

If you wanna come too, please inform Grace asap. (Refer to previous post for more details on the celebration)

The more the merrier ^^ lols.

Thank you :D

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Class chalet details :)

27th November 08
Same as june's chalet (Home NS, Block B. in pasir ris there)
Time: (all timings and meeting places are tentative)
- We'll be celebrating Eli's bday on that day so those who want to celebrate please meet up at downtown east mcdonalds (near the wild wild wet entrance) at 12 noon.

- The rest of the people who want to come later please meet at downtown east mcdonalds (near the wild wild wet entrance) at 4.30pm

** Please do take note that all the meeting venues and timings are tentative. We'll post the changes here if there are any.

Other details:

Those people celebrating Eli's bday, we'll most probably be going to Escape theme park to play ^^
Yup, so those who wanna come please inform Grace (sms or msn or call etc) by 24th November.

Those people who aren't joining us, u all can arrange to meet up before 4.30pm and go cycling or pasir ris park etc. Yeah, arrange those activities among yourselves but rmb to meet the rest of 2A at four thirty :)

Then when the whole group is present we shall proceed to the chalet.

For food, we'll most probably cater. Or if you all dont mind, each of us can bring something to barbecue. and we save money :) (Yeah, i'll update on that soon)

I shall post a list of people coming for the chalet soon.


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello 2A

Here are the scanned images for Year 3 2009 booklist. I think Mr Tan was supposed to give the hardcopy to us on the last day of school. I guess it slipped his mind?

Ah never mind about that.

p.s. i dont know why dont have geog books inside o.O


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Monday, November 3, 2008

I would like to thank the 2A classmates who have helped me during these 2 years especially:

:D Ching yun( for contributing the power of curly hair)

xD Ling min( for contributing the mole of mozart)

;D Edric ( shall not say much, u all know de )

:) Wye inn ( for providing the live porn in 2A )

x) Tse Shuen ( For been Richard's best fren!)

BEST OF LUCK to everone in 2A!:D

from : Ling Min (: Vice Ding =D

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I would like to thank the 2A classmates who have helped me during these 2 years especially:

:D Jia Mei ( for helping me a zillion times)

xD Yen Han ( for being such a helpful 'neighbour')

;D Qian Ru ( for your professional maths coaching)

:) Han Xiao ( for her expert Chinese advice)

x) Tse Shuen ( for his kind help in English)

BEST OF LUCK to everone in 2A!:D

from : Ling Min (:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

yay! we did ourselves PROUD as an antlian!
and also prove to that someone that we don't SET THE STANDARD OF BEING HORRIBLE!
yep, so here are some photos for u all to enjoy for the time being :D
more will be uploaded at a later time, yep

BEST CLASS OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

class photo after class league presentation :D

yep! im proud to be a member of the BEST CLASS OF YEAR 2008!

WE ARE ONE! aren't we?

i will miss this campus :(

hiaffles :D


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Thursday, October 23, 2008


In case you guys haven't realised, we've only got THREE DAYS left together as 2A :( Ain't that sad. Awww...

Anyway, here are some reminders for post-exam activities.

Inline skating
Date: 24 oct 08
Time: 8.15am - 10.45am
Attire: You can either wear PE shirt + sch pants/skirts to school, or come in uniform and change into PE attire before the activity.

Portfolio presentation
I'm not really sure what happens during 11.15am-2.00pm tmr. But just get your portfolio done by tmr anyway.

Maths trail
Date: 28 Oct 08, Tuesday
Time: 8.10am - 12.30pm (dismissal from school ._.)
Attire: Uniform
Bring along your waterbottle, writing materials, calculator, mathematical set and anything else you think you need for maths.

*Please get the consent form signed and return it to the maths rep by friday, 24 oct. (which is tomorrow)

These are like, the last activities we have as a class D: So, yeah let's hope we enjoy them together. hehe..


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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm TRYING to make a class video for 2A... need raw resources... any interesting picture or video please send to me... especiall videos since ben's blog got plenty of picture...

or you can choose to email it to


Vice Ding

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dunman High School Homecoming Celebrations 2009:


Okay, we are supposed to do these as a class:
- compose a simple, easy-to-learn cheer of less thatn 1 min
Theme: Homecoming *a mix of chinese and english should be used in your cheer*

- brainstorm for creative props which will accompany your cheer (e.g. pompoms, tin cans with beans etc)

- choreograph simple actions

This is a class event, so full class participation is needed. Everyone is highly encouraged to contribite and be involved in this competition, and Points will be awarded for Class League :)

Deadline - MONDAY, 20.10.08


(for homecoming as well)

People who wish to participate in this competition, drop by 1I classroom on Friday, 17.10.08 @ 10 am for more information!

Grand Prize: A chance to be featured in your very own MUSIC VIDEO!

- If you have any enquiries, you can approach Annabelle for more information.

Grace (on behalf of Annabelle)

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Saturday, October 4, 2008


pearl loves 2A^^

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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Please remember to throw a usable 2B pencil and an eraser into your pencil case for tomorrow's CME TEST

yeah i know (._.)

Ahh whatever. Bye.


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Friday, September 19, 2008

haha...something to cheer u all up for the upcoming EOYs
lets go mug mug!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


for those who need the global warming mind map on the board... it is here now... sry for the bad picture quality though ><

Yours Sincerely
Vice Ding

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I shall be of some help and post the list of our holiday homework here. If i missed anything, kindly inform the class by editing this post or tagging.
So here goes...

Given out.

-Math worksheets (x3)
-Geog worksheet

On Moodle.
-Science revision worksheet (pdf format)

*Mr Tan said it's on moodle but apparently i cant find it. so if anyone sees it inform the class too. thanks.


-Science (PBL)
-LA roleplay

Upcoming Test
Term 4 Week 1, Thursday
Topics Covered:
Mensuration, Angle properties of polygons, Pythagoras' Theorem, Trigo,
Indices, Factorisation, simultaneous equations, linear & quadratic graphs
(details taken from dhs mail email. so u can go check it out yourself too.)

Good luck with everything :D try to enjoy the holidays before the mugging season in preparation for the dreaded EOYs .__.


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

i forgot who was in the group. if i'm not wrong it's sherlyn, weimin and some other people, lols.
lols. i didn't get to eat the sandwich. -.-"
(ehhhhs sherlyn I heard euu can bake. suggestion: end of year before we split class and cry euu bake for the whole class lah! won't that be good?)

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

tmr's attire is: black T + blue jeans (ODD numbers)
white T + blue jeans (EVEN numbers)

Please wear Class Tee (red) for assembly. You will be given some time to change into either black or white T after assembly.If your black or white T is a school based t-shirt (eg. orientation T-shirt or old class T), you can choose not to wear class T (red) to school for assembly.


we need more food, snacks and drinks!!!!

1. annabelle (bee hoon)
2. Elisabeth (seaweed chicken)
3. Ling Min (drinks)
4. Joanna (snacks--haven decide which kind)
5. Yen han (drinks)
6. Yan Jun (drink + snacks)
7. wye Inn (hotdogs)
8. Jing ren (cups)
9. Tse Shuen (plates, fork)
10. Jia Mei (potato chips)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

eh people...
dont be so mean to edric le larhs...
try to stop agitating him...his medical condition is getting from bad to worse everyday. oh ya, get someone to follow him home everyday, because he might just bom! on the floor one day nobody know then he die>< (edric im not cursing u)
wad actually happen, i dont tell u all :P coz its actually quite serious T.T doesn't seems like he is gonna recover any sooner...
in conclusion..
just stop agitating him ><

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ok hor i tell u all wads on my mind...
this script would go sth like I am not stupid...
saying about one schoolgirl...really sucky in her school work...she failed every single paper la... for her mid year exams and she badly wants to pass her EOYs.
so i nid the class to be like doing a paper la...then everyone score aces except her who scored a U grade. k la..who doesn't wants to have fun..i am gonna let the boys have some fun...i gonna let u have fun saluting mr hia. how u gonna greet him...i have got an idea. me and tse realli nid at least one more person to join our group and a maximum of 3 more. it would realli be an enriching experience. k back to storyline...she failed her mid year scolded by her parents.. mr hia...
she seemed to lose her will to live on. she seeked the counsellor..then she seeked help from all her subject teachers...etc. i havent work out the script la...i working on it tmr...
lets win this a class...if we win...we will go up the stage as 2A08.

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uhmm ppl...i need all ur help...i will be taking part in Singapore Digital Media i nid 5 more ppl inclined towards this aspect to take part..and i need the whole class to act ... ya.. lets make a class effort... then if we win ... (i suppose we get some sort of carrefour vouchers again) we can use it for the Class Chalet! =D
i will be working on the script real soon...after i get my response from Mr tan -.-

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Friday, July 25, 2008

For the convenience of all the people who come here, i'll post the current homework and tests.


- Science worksheet: sound waves
- Maths worksheets: on algebraic manipulation & simultaneous equations
- Maths green book (term2): last page qns 1,3,5,7
- Geog data response worksheet
- History SBQ worksheet

Current Test Schedule
- Maths: Thursday
- History SBQ: Friday

- Geography: (most likely) Tuesday

- Science (?) - not confirmed

Okay.If you survive reading all these,go do the hw now :D



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Saturday, July 12, 2008


From 2A :)

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Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey Antlia!

It's youth day celebrations this Friday. We are allowed to come in our class tee. So let's come in the green yr 2 orientation tee... (the one we won from orientation ^^) is that ok with everyone?Or else we have to wear either PE or last year's class tee -.-


Reporting time as usual but i'm not sure abt dismissal. Pass this message on to the other 2A ppl when u see this msg. Either sms or during IDMI meetings etc.

Okay, off u go to continue ur idmi stuff. Have a great week ahead ><


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Sunday, June 22, 2008


There is news that the History Project products(interview and report) has to be handed in latest by Wednesday. No later.

EEK. Must hand in tomorrow................. don't forget science too! all tomorrow (thursday)


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ok. Meet Ben At 12.00 at Pasir Ris. As Early As Possible Pls:D Latest 1.00. To Go There By yourself, take bus 403:D LOL. 20mins interval each bus. so yeah. erm.. We are going to eat lunch before going chalet so bring your lunch money. although the chalet is QUITE ulu la. it's got a hugeeeeeeeeeee grass plain. so hope its successful. got a beach also. :D

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

eh ben at pasir ris mrt worx..if u know how to go...u MAY wanna go on ur own -.- but dont get lost =p
meet at pasir ris mrt from 12nn-1pm!
give fraser or ben a call lorhs --

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hello, thank you for all the jia yous and everything. I am fine after my operation, just need more rest. Thanks Ms Ling, Yan Jun, Yen Han, Nicole, Elisabeth and Jing Ren for visiting me. I really needed that visit.

Oh ya, there will be another history fieldtrip on the 28th June I think, is the same as the 27th May one. Those who did not go can go. Anyone interested???

Joanna :)

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Class Chalet

Date: 11 June 2008 , Wednesday
Time: 2pm to 11am(12/5/2008)
Venue: zz. Above~ Its DAMN FAR CAN.
Transport: I really dunno. Trying to find out.zz Worst to worst, meet up and walk.

People Going: fraser, eli, jingren, yulong, edric, pearl, manjia, wye inn, grace, yanjun, ben, yong ming, nicole, wenkai, jiaxin, yenhan, tse shuen, minghan, zhenwen and hoe shuen

People haven't pay: hoe shuen and zhenwen. tse shuen pay already?

Teachers Invited: MR Tan KB and Mr Hia~

Food: BBQ Stingray
BBQ Sotong
Chicken Wings (48 Pieces)
Sweet Potato(10 Pieces)
Corn(10 Pieces)
Satay(50 chicken, 50 mutton)MUTTONS TO MIDNIGHT. zzz

Decided on that day (DRINKS)

Things to bring:
Your Legs(At Least 3 For Boys)
EXTRA Dark Coloured T-Shirt(girls)
Extra Money
Extra Clothes(boys)
Drinks ( BIG BOTTLES DE. 1.5L)

There will be 2 tables of mahjong. But I Only got 1 set of mahjong. So, can someone contribute the other? its quite heavy. so becareful!

WaterBOMBS. The Reason why girls need to wear extra dark coloured. hmm. also need to run alot la. so ar. pls be prepared. ^^ It might start anytime anywhere.

Board Games? LOL. Those fun type. Dun bring monopoly and start humping the stupid buy house thing ar.

Activites: Night Walk! Talking Crap On teh Beach! WATCH THE SUNRISE~ yeah. ok~

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

joanna is going for a backbone operation on tuesday, 27 May
i hope that you all will show your concern... her life depends on this operation
the location is at NUH, somewhere near buona vista... haven confirm room and which floor...

yanjun =)

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since everyone requested it, i shall post the holiday homework... haha
pls tell me if i miss out anything :)

Language arts
1. Perspectives and Consequences: Merchant of Venice
I. You need to choose ten characters.
Write a paragraph about each of these characters. Do not cut and paste,paraphrase the information you find.
In the paragraph you need to
- list what position the person has in society (lawyer, housewife, beggar, nobleman)
- list four actions the character does in the story
- three relationships the character has
- two words describing the personality of the character and give details why you choose these words

II. Read two summaries of the plot of the play. You may watch a video, read online summaries or written summaries of the play.

III. Find 2 examples of Shakespeare's influence in popular society

2.complete the character chart worksheet.. it will help :)

1. Maths E-assignments (on Moodle click here )

2.maths teaching thing ppt

1. scienc worksheet (revision)

1. perfomance task-- LTA stuff
2. visit LTA
3. file check coming.. do research articles :)

1. performance task -- History project (The interview with immigrant)
2. read the 3 thick notes ms ling gave -- secret societies... and the 2 articles

1. Chinese blog thing
2. read the book mr tan gave and do reflection
3. 演戏 thing on one of the 6 课文 he gave

1. ACC project (Ppt slides on the city you are assigned to)

YanJun :)
Pls tell me if i miss out anything

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

people pearl here.
those who are going for the chalet please remember to bring $12 tomorrow cos tomorrow is last day of school!
then please give the money to ben so it'll be easier for us when we need money. thanks^^
so far 18 will be going and 16 not going.
people not confirmed are edric and hoe shuen =.=
if you people ever read this remember to confirm.

holiday homework so far is
1.LA-go check moodle for the whole chunk of stuff to do
2.HCL-script writing
3.Geog-i think there's a pair work which requires you to go to LTA
4.Math-teach your classmates project
jiayou for LA rolesheets and geog essay!:D

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ok. Can SOMEONE pls help me think of some activities we can do? I know there is a basketball court where no-life fraser will go there and play with himself! And the beach is nearby.. so we can all go out there and play with sandcastles!! (for small kids below 14 especially yulong).

Ok. so, if u wan anything or any special food for you! i will cater it for you! SO YOU BETTER TELL ME.

oh yes. suggesting of events and games. tell me. let me write it down on a paper. dont suddenly flag raising, "eh ben, i wan eat fishballs." i will squeeze ur balls k. LOL.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hello! Ben is here! Fraser Should DO SOMETHING! okok. He is in charged of the events taking place and who wants to volunteer can help by informing me and buying food? Each Person Contributes $12 SGD. Yeah. Easy Notes. One 10$ and One 2$.

Teachers that we have asked to come are as following, Mr Hia(See First), Mr Mark Tan (Must Give Him Paper To See), Mdm Rozana (Sponsering Only), Mr TanKB (Havent Ask. Going To), Others are not available.

Ok. The Chalet is Pasir Ris ALOHA! Weeee. Super Huge. Yeah. Some Activities are MAHJONG! Ok. Now come to money matters. The Fee is 76.45SGD For the chalet. Then, 50SGD will be put as deposit(LAME). Then, 25Cents Per Unit Of Aircon (EVEN LAMER) So Dont Too Much Aircon la Hor. LOL. And Then.. We have to book out of the chalet by 11.00am the NEXT DAY.

Oh yes. I TOTALLY forgot about the details on chalet. yeah. Its on 11June 2pm to 11am. Stay over got more QIFEN! Then maybe we do the mass dance bah. LOL. Mahjong session over night!! WOOTS? Kk. I paid the 76.45SGD le. *Heart Pain* Pls Come Out money on chalet day. my father also help buy food le. can bring food pls CONTRIBUTE. If not i squeeze ur tits. Yeah.


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Saturday, May 10, 2008


careful not to walk near the seas at night hoho!

Relieved our stress @ 6:57 PM


Friday, May 9, 2008

hey people...this might be my last post using the name as a chairperson...
i would be quitting as a chairperson soon prior to the poor results i have received...i have consulted mr tan about it, he told me to talk about it when we returned from camp, which is next next thurs...i would like to serve the class for a few final times before i give up my rank as a chairperson...
1. Seating arrangements...(girls have some problems with it...) boys would most likely not be affected UNLESS u all are not happy wif it...simple?
2. chinese proj...i want all group leaders to come out during chi period this monday...get it?
3. i know i am VERY irresponsible to leave the class like that when problems are arising one after another, so, those with problems, feel free to come to me...(NOT ACADEMIC)
i was extremely depressed over the results i have these days, refusing to work, leaving annabelle to work on her own...i really dont want to go SAP, get retained in 2A, which would be 2Altair next year, neither do i want to get transfered out...
i still want to go overseas to study filmography...
so pls ppl...this is sth like a petition...pls agree wif my decision to leave my place now...i really nid more time to study...
the class is more chaotic then how it was last year...

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Relieved our stress @ 9:52 PM



the LA journal is not compulsory to hand in on friday... but it was SUGGESTED to hand in on friday...
However, you must MAKE SURE that monday you wont be absent on monday*which is the day before lvl camp* and hand in on that day... if not u will get a ZERO or deduction of mark after lvl camp... no deduction of marks will be given to those hand in on monday

(this was accordnig to MR mac tang so its reliable)

**(and edric if u lost the dota competition form... I GONNA SLICE YOUR BOOBS MAN!)

Your Sincerely - Ha†red™

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Just a kind reminder to hand in the history fieldtrip form to me by tomorrow. I have to pass them all to Ms Ling latest after school.

27th May - Tuesday (it's holiday already)
Reporting time: 8.15am at LT 1
Dismissal time: 4pm at school foyer
Attire: PE shirt and school skirt/pants
Learning about World War 2. Ms Ling might be covering less on this topic so advised to go.
Each person to pay $10 if going.

Even if you're not going, please indicate the reason (eg. piano exam) on the consent form.
And still have to hand it in tomorrow.

Malay test tomorrow! >.<
Jiayou to all!

God bless you :D

[Sharks are actually harmless creatures. With illegal poaching, 90% of sharks have gone extinct. Save the sharks. Visit my blog or this website to find out more.]

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Friday, April 25, 2008


We need your help in voting for your preferred theme for this year's Teachers' Day! The voting's really simple.

1. Read the question carefully
2. Read the options carefully
3. Bring your mouse cursor over the option you prefer, and CLICK the [x] beside it
4. And you're done :)
Yeap it's that easy (:

So please vote!!! Click it NOW 'cos we need the results asap.

Oh, and if you have other ideas and themes, do feel free to inform us either by tagging or informing us directly.

Get your own Poll!


-Message brought to you by Jiaxin and Grace :D

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Friday, April 18, 2008

random random random
since pearl doesn't wants to see her post up there..
i shal clear it by spamming here with crap!
so random
random random random

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

er pearl here. i'm here to post the new planning again. i set this myself.
due to some problems i cant post the pic but there are only minor changes.
sheila and jiamei will sit behind jiaxin and chingyun. sammie and nicole will sit next to lingmin and shengya while me and manjia will remain sitting at out original place. so far jiamei have agreed and i think chingyun jiaxin will also want to sit with jiamei sheila. if sammie or nicole don't want to sit there come tell me. and for the yong ming and ben right if you all have any problems find me on msn.
hope u all can understand that no matter how its arranged not everyone can be happy so we're trying to minimise the number of unhappy people. boys can't sit with whoever u wan to. cos even if we arrange u all together mr tan also won't approve. and try to compromise with those beside u. or just don't care tt person lo. if not we can only split up two girls and two boys since there's so many problems.

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Friday, April 4, 2008



Your Sincerely - you long

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Okay seating plan is done AT LAST! I know alot of ppl wont be too happy, but pls lah, i cant accomodate everyone. I tried my best edi wors. If u wana change, inform mi by sundae with a VALID REASON. "I want to sit nearer to my friends" etc is not a valid reason -.- im sure u ppl are smart enuf to determine what's valid and what's not. Complain all you like, but without a reason i wont change.


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This is the boy's seating plan for 2A...hope mr tan will permit this... and so far no boys got prob with that... and 2 adjustment is that

1.han xiao and qian ru will go either the back of edric and terrence or beside...
2.fraser and nigel switch *which means fraser wit inside*

girls please slot urself in and got any request please tell nicole oe annabelle... and i dun hack care about this already...

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Monday, March 31, 2008

here here ppl
IDMI groupings
through yu long's u all better thk him..
Year 2 IDMI Grouping

Group 1: Fu Man Jia, Khoo Yi Xian Annabelle, Nicole, Tan Wye Inn, Fraser Tiong Kah Kee and Yong Yun Chiang Benjamin

Group 2: Grace Tung Li Teng, Lee Ling Min, Sheila Lim Yan Rong, Sherlyn Goh Xue Ting, Tan Yong Ming and Wan Tse Shuen

Group 3: Chew Yan Ling Joanna, Samantha Koh Chiew Hong, Sng Peng Yen Pearl, Wang Shengya, Terence Liew Yi Song, Tan Hoe Shuen

Groups 1-3 Your teacher mentor will be--Mr Tan Kian Boon

Group 4: Loy Yan Jun, Su Qian Ru, Yeo Jing Ren, Ding Yu Long, Nigel Kok Xuan Lun, Leong Wen Kai

Group 5: Ke Jia Xin, Kit Wei Min, Li Hanxiao, Lim Yen Han, Edric Lian Yu Ru, Kwong Zhen Wen

Group 6: Eng Hui Xian Elisabeth, Han Ching Yun, Lim Jia Mei, Ma Yingxin, Tian Hai Hua, Ker Ming Han

Group 4-6 mentor Ms Eileen Teng

see i so gd...go type out..
ending off

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


ok i shall be lame and post once since i made this dam blog >< scully later edric flare will delete my post... hes as fierce as a lion sia... ROAR...

juz some random maths stuff i find it interesting... i dam... nothing do sia... zzzz

Your Sincerely - YOU long

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Monday, March 10, 2008

HEY...finally holidays..
but there's still homework...zzz,


-read ALL history notes
-prepare the history file (if i am not wrong)
-do the ws on EARLY SINGAPORE plus conclusion

-performance task
(agriculture system) deadline-- 26 MARCH
-do the task on RICE CULTIVATION

-do the standard form sums online (MOODLE)
-do the VARIATION ws online too
-maths journal-- online

-newspaper cutting plus reflection
-du shu hui
-tao hua yuan -- must act (three ppl per group)

5.bizlab (for bizlab ppl)

-read to kill the mocking bird 00
-do the three reflections
-your science project-- due on 29 march 08


pls tell me if there are any homework not posted

yanjun :)

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Anyone interested in goin4the band's concert?

Date: 05 April 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall
Time: 7.30pm

Tickets are $10 each.
Pls. get tickets from me if ure interested.


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Friday, February 29, 2008

Chairman here.
Since the class is very noisy, i shall hold my announcements from here, only the really important ones would be held in class from now on.

Class Outing updates
due to the fact that most ppl cannot make it tomorrow, i shall have to postpone it. As for the teachers, they too, were unable to make it tomorrow, so it would be postponed till next Saturday.

Movie: L change the world (might change)
Date: 9/3/08
Time: not sure
Events: not sure

If there is ppl not agreeable with the movie event and rather go for something else, there is still a space for negotiation.

*Note: Hoe Shuen and Yong Ming are not allowed to tell the Jurong Bird Park crap. You wan u all can visit it yourselves...see who wan to go jurong wif u all =.=

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is your Chairman.
Here is the details for the class outing 2008
Date: 1st March 2008
Venue: Golden Village Tampinies
Movie: L change the world. (suggestions welcomed)
Movie Language: Japanese
Movie Subtitles: English and Chinese
Total Movie time: 128 Mins(2hrs 8min)
Announcement about this would be made in class on 29th Feb.
I would try to get mr soh and Mr tan to get in? haha!
Suggestions of what to do after the movie--Arcade, shopping!?(by YJR)eating dinner after we slacked off sometime =)
that is all about it, for those who is not coming, dun point the middle finger. Pls is not me who wanted all these right!?
i might nt coming
wishing all great fun during this class outing!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

hey 2A,
rmb there is a Chinese common test nxt wk hor..
chengyu 121-150 will be tested.

ur chinese rep =P

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey all 2A peeps,
Pls remeber to bring your thermometres to sch tmr for the thermometre check and the next day for the temperture taking!!! And oh ya erm Happy Friendship Day in advance and good luck for all the upcoming tests!!!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi all (:
Please note that tmr’s maths lesson will be changed to history lessons. So please rmb to bring that colonialism assignment.
Thanks, Sherlyn =D

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

HEYHEYHEY! So manny peeps posted, and i wanna post too!

学业进步... ahh u get the idea

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR :D dont eat too much goodies and 肉干 until u fall ill ok?
take care of yourselves and ENJOY THE LONG WEEKENDS~! ^^


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Hey class,

this is ur vice-chairperson here....
Wishing one and all a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

even though u r in a festive mood....
I hope u guys remeber to study for the upcoming tests!! Good luck to all 2A ppl!!!
Anyways once again i would like to wish u all a very very Very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! :)~

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Hiie. Sherlyn here. It’s only 2 days to Chinese New Year! Don’t only look forward to the red packets. Take the opportunity to have a good break and catch up with your dearest family and friends too!


Enjoy your Chinese New Year! :)

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ur chairman here! In a joyous mood in this joyous occasion, i wish everyone a happy new yr! Wishing all of you a fulfiling new yr ahead! Pls forget those unhappy memories and start afresh will ya ppl? =D lalalalala!

I'm bloggin in com lab =D

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello... As your history rep, I should say something... Please rmb that tmr yall have to hand in the history generalization thingy. Please rmb to support it with evidence and sources.
I know this is ABIT late... but anyway I hope yall will rmb to bring it tmr. Don't make Ms Ling upset anymore. She is angry enough...

Sherlyn has spoken. Goodnight all =)

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey class, erm here is the hist ppt.
Okie i noe it is not nice and could be done better, if u have any other way of posting then tell me...btw this is the 1st time i post on blog so ya...wont turn out so good...

Now to another issue. Erm as Edric mentioned in class today, who would like to change their class tee? Pls inform the class com by next mon okie? Also remeber to stay back tmr for cny decorations! ALL HAVE TO HELP OUT!!! !

Last thing i wanna say,
Please respect the fellow friends who are making announcements!!! You might not know this but it is frustrating to keep pausing to quieten u guys down before continuing... I really would appreciate your cooperation!! We are just together as a class for a few more months so bear with it...XD


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok, this is your chairman, again! If you do not know who am I till now, go into the bathroom, take a cup of detergent, drink it down =D. Jkjk... so I am getting to the main point now. For those who had seen this post, please for goodness sake, inform the others of your DEAREST classmates. here goes.

1. As all of you know, you all have just got into the Angel and Mortal thing organised by me. So, I was just asking, see if there is anybody that is NOT very happy with your mortal. Come to me by 30th January. Latest! I will announce in class. How i will distribute the mortals for you all is for me to know, and you to find out! =D

2. I already asked the class about the events to be held out of school and inside school, which means during school hours. Just to give some of you some information on what are the suggested place ok?

1. Sentosa (play volleyball?) not sure why they wan go there
2. Escape Theme Park
3. Kallang Leisure Park for ice skating
4. Shopping? (suggested by elisabeth...kill her not me)
5. Class Chalet...
6. Anymore? (pls sms me...or whatever...)

As for the events within our class...currently only Angel and Mortal is going on..(I hope all of you have a great time...(even though i know most ppl's angel =D)

Another announcement, your very active classmate, Nicole, had just suggested to me days ago that we should change our class T-shirt, ok..well, I really dont know about it. I was like thinking, this would be our last year together, we would not be promoted altogether to the same class again! So it would be a vote. If, if the vote shows that most people want to have a change in class tee, we would see what colour and what tshirt brand you all want! But remember, we should keep the price as low as possible =D Also to keep this clear, since we are a class mah, so we should be bonded. One for all, all for one. If everyone change and someone dont wan, PLS that belong to 2A right? I repeat myself again, you all want to go where for the trips right tell me. Dont give me crap and waste my time. As for the McDonalds, PLEASE give me your orders and MONEY by tomorrow. TY!!! As for the trip hor, as I know, someone from our class is unable to go for the class trip if held in June, so do you all want it to be in December OR one in June another one in December hols. Not to forget the chalet to be held around November! any ideas to keep the class active(although it is already very active), sms, tell,shout into my ear scream bla bla bla..I DONT CARE..
Btw, can you all tag opinions about me so I can improve, you all dont want a sucky chairman right =.=

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hmm. Ben here. The Most Best Guy. LOL. Zhenwen is the MILO BOY. Yeh. Ok. Im Here To Post About Science. Hmm. Pls Do Your Science COVER PAGE Yeh. Haha. And Pls Do Hand In Your Work To Me EARLY Or You Have To Hand It In To MDM ROZANA By Yourself. And Pls. Mr Yap Is Quite Ok. Yeh. :D

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

edric here again...
those who are better with the teachers names and java scripts, could u all possilby make changes to the teachers name so as the teachers down there got a full name and not a short name, that is their surname strangely down there..
looks weird
and someone make it less messy?

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ur all new elected? or sabohed out chairman here
i don u all know hols are juz over and most ppl still in hols mood mah...
so i was thinking that...june hols can hold one more class chalet lorhx..
this time invite mr soh and mr tan over...
so the two teachers not so bored when no adults around to talk too
coz last yr mr soh verii bored at chalet =P

class outing?
probably to kallang leisure park bah...
there got bowling and ice skating rink...

tag all ur opinions...
and mh...
dun be tat unknown idiot..

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Monday, November 19, 2007

attention people! UPDATES!!!

Costa Sands Resort Downtown East
Room No: 1714

Please take note of the room no.

If u wish to stay over night, please inform us (Pearl/me) or tag on the tagboard.


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Friday, November 16, 2007

List of people attending the chalet

1. Mr Soh
2. Yong Ming
3. Wen Kai
4. Jia Xin
5. Jia Mei
6. Yu Long
7. Ming Han
8. Man Jia
9. Yen Han
10.Yan Jun
11.Tse Shuen
17.Hoe Shuen
18.Wye Inn
19.Jing Ren

Oh, and (provided that everyone on the above list turns up) each person will have to pay about $12.00, including the chalet rm, bbq pit and food.

Food for chalet

We are going to order food from a caterer. EZB Pte Ltd.
-fried rice
-cooked chicken satay
-chicken curry
-cooked otah
-chicken (middle wing)

And we are going to buy the following on that day before the chalet
-BBQ equipment

Yupp, that's the updates so far. do come here often to view more updates. :D


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more details on class chalet :

starts at 12 noon
please meet at downtown east
food will be bought just before start of chalet so all of you don't need to buy food *sorry to some of the people who i've sent the message to
bring more money to pay us for the bbq food and snacks and charcoal etc

and please help to tell others who don't visit the class blog thanks=)


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


OK Antlians! Here are the confirmed details of our class chalet.

Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East)
1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599
Tel: 6589 1865

Reservation Dates
Arrival: Wed, 21 Nov 07
Departure: Thu, 22 Nov 07
No. of nights: 01

Reservation Information
Deluxe Room (x1)
BBQ Pit(x1)

There will be a total of 22 people attending this chalet, so each of u will have to pay S$5.70 (for rm & bbq pit) We will be giving u all a call to inform u of the room no. and meeting timings bla bla bla at least 2 days before the chalet. OK?

YAY! Oh, please check this site 2 days before the chalet for more information (:

If u have any enquiries, u can contact me or Pearl via phone/msn etc.

See u!


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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Should be SHOULD BE on 21st NOVEMBER!!! (: Please sms me if you can/cannot go. Faster! Pick up ur hp and sms me now! lol. U can also tell me on msn.Must inform me asap. If u dont hv my hp no. then too bad. (get frm someone/ask me on msn)


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay, the class outing is VERY LIKELY and MOST LIKELY to be on 21st november so please try to make yourself available on that day. Class outings are just once a year..

And we cant go on 28th nov cus Mr Soh cant make it..

For those ppl with CCA on that day, erm. Can you come after your cca? *so sorry*

Er, it's not possible to please everyone... So, dont get too upset. yea. really sry.

That's all folks.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by

Ok, it's very likely that our outing & chalet would be at Downtown East . We cant book at Sentosa as a minimum of 2 nights stay is required. (And it's also quite fully booked) So Sorry...

Ok, here are a couple of dates we are considering.
- 14nov
- 21nov
- 28nov
- probably during 16-22 dec

So please vote asap to speed up the decision & planning.. (we need to book fast..)

Ok... bye.

Class Committee

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Sunday, October 28, 2007


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

THE HOLIDAYS ARE FINALLY HERE!!! yay:D but sadly, we have got some holiday homework to do... ): but we've got a long holiday. so why not start on the hw now so tht u all can enjoy the rest of the holiday in peace? haha. jiayous.

1. Maths (posted on edulearn)
2. Chinese
- the worksheet on the book
- Learn 成语 81-150 (tested when sch reopens)
3. CAP portfolio. for more info, refer to the handouts given by LA tcher earlier on.

I suppose that's all. Yeap. Not so much isnt it? Start them TOMORROW. (lol)

oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (: u all will be informed if there's gonna be any cls outing during the hols.

Class Committee

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ok peeps! The class outing will most likely be held at SENTOSA! yea. :D
We need suggestions from all of u on what activities we can do there, and u can even suggest another venue for the class outing. Please tag if u have any constructive ideas. (:

Oh, and please state which day of the week u prefer.
Thanks <33

Class Committee.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

HEY PEEPS! Enjoying your time after the EOYs?


Post-exam activities on 22nd and 23rd Oct (nxt mon n tues)
Attire: PE tshirt! (plus shorts - boys also must wear)
Bring along your waterbottle!

For assembly, only bring along your VALUABLES & WATERBOTTLE. leave ur bags in cls, the clsrm will be locked (i guess)

*PS you all may wear any sch based on t-shirt on tuesday, but the attire for tuesday will be confirmed on monday, depending on the majority choice of attire of the cls.

Remember to pass this msg on to all 1A peeps. Thanks. (using a few sms wouldnt kill..)

OK byes. enjoy the wkends. nxt week LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! Yea! :D

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

hey peeps. recently, there were like, many revision exercises thrown upon you guys. so many that some people have lost track of how many.

1. revision exercise for EOY 2007
2. 2006 EOY exam paper
3. 2005 EOY exam paper

1. past year exam paper
2. data response questions

1. Many SBQ exercises
2. 2006 EOY exam paper
3. A whole list of SEQ exercises

1. Prose - Miss Emily Grierson (character analysis)

1. revision exercise (05 & 06 EOY papers)
2. Go to asknlearn and try out some quizes on chemistry and biology


Ok, i think that's about all. I dont think you have to complete EVERYTHING, but it's best you do most of them. If you have done some of them, good for u. But if it's still not touched, and growing spider-webs, start doing them now. So have a happy time enjoying your revision while doing all the exercises. Lols. Just jiayou for EOYs... Good Luck everyone. :D


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Monday, September 24, 2007

oh ya, and about the CCA points right, it was supposed to be CIP points. So i got it mixed up.

So now go chiong to your asknlearn stuff and download the pdf file to see your points. Those who love to pick up litter get cao duo points. But some of u... sad case la. Fail until cannot fail (cos there's no passing mark anw) Ok jkjk. To enlighten u.

I owe u all an apology. SORRY PEOPLE!. 对不起 *bow down 90 degree*

OK i feel dumb. byes.

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DHS Subsidized Bus Transport for Students Year 2008
The letter regarding the subsidized bus transport services for yr 2008 have been given out to the class last Friday (21/9/07). If you have not received the registration form, and you would like to sign up for the transpore service, please inform Grace as soon as possible.

For those students who are interested in registering for the service, please take note of the following:
1. You are required to register in school (foyer area outside General Office) on any of the following dates:
- 25/9[tue] & 26/9[wed] -- 1.45pm to 4.00pm
- 2/10[tue] & 4/10[thu] -- 11.00am to 3.00pm

2. Please bring along the registration slip (at the back of the letter), together with $150 for registration.

3. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to 'Dunman High School'

4. Please hand in your acknowledgement slip to Mr Soh by 25sep 2007.

Service hotlines to better support your feedback and queries:
- General Office (e.g. enquiries on payment matters,registration) - DHS General Office, Tel: 6345 0553 ext 0
- To report a loss of personal items or complaints of services - COMFORT DELGRO Hotline Tel: 8168 0061

1A Class Committee

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here are the details for the mid-autumn celebration tomorrow... Posting the info again to remind u all. (:

1. Attire: Class t-shirt (NO EXCEPTIONS)
2. Time: 6.15pm to 8.45pm. (so please be back in sch by about 6.10pm)
3. Venue: DHS Mt Sinai
4. Please bring a lantern each.
5. Please have your dinner before coming.

Those pupils who are taking the subsidized bus service to school, the buses will be sending you home after the celebration. They will leave 15mins after dismissal, and you have to present your bus pass before entering Ghim Moh Pri Sch to board the buses. So please remember to bring your passes tmr.

For those who are taking part in the mooncake making competition, please be informed that u would be released from school at about 12.15pm for lunch, and you will be sent to the DHS Hostel at Tanjong Rhu Roadat 12.45pm. If you have signed up, it is COMPULSORY for you to attend this event.

For those who are taking part in the pomelo peeling competition, please be present at the celebration, and look out for instructions given on that day itself.

Ok, i think that's about all. Thanks.

Our Class Committee.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PEOPLE!!! There are 2TWO very important messages today! So please read on...

1. Please check if your CCA points are correct. (i think check either with your cca teacher or cca leader) If they are not correct, please inform Ms Zheng Jingwei by this THURSDAY 20/9/07... If you still do not understand, you can go ask Ms Tan (sci tcher) as she is the teacher in charge of this...

2. Please take note that the Interaction Period tomorrow will be changed to GEOGRAPHY lesson. So remember to BRING YOUR GEOGRAPHY STUFF!!! Including textbook, file and workbook. (:

Thanks for reading the updates.

1A Class Committee.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

homework for the weekends:

1. Essay on golden age
2. Complete worksheet on golden age

1. Exercises in workbook
2. Crossword puzzle
3. Read 1C textbook, unit 22

1. Science mock exam paper

Language Arts
1. Analyse poem 'My Country and My People' and write ans on foolscap paper (i think)


Other Updates:
1. Geog make up lessons
- Tuesday (18/9), about 25mins after school
- Wednesday (19/9), also abt 25 mins after sch.
2. Bring geog file and 1C txtbk daily nxt week
3. Bring goeg workbook for make up lessons

4. Mid-autumn festival celebrations (@ mt. sinai) on 21st sep 07:
-Event will start at 6.15pm and end at 8.45pm.
-Students are advised to take their dinner before they come for the event
-After the event, there will be buses to send students who are on the subsidized bus service scheme back to the morning pick-up points.

5. PLEASE give me all your PE netball groupings!!! ASAP. Thanks. (:


Relieved our stress @ 8:06 PM


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Here is the schedule for the upcoming tests:

-science test (respiration & digestion)
-BP test (most probably today)
-*Mep EOY test (3.15pm to 5.15pm)

-Maths common test 4 (duno which day)
.arithmetic (no. system, HCF/LCM)
.vol & surface area
.angles & parallels


Reminders for all:

-please bring your tie tomorrow
-please bring your full PE attire tomorrow

Courtesy of 1A class committee

Relieved our stress @ 2:42 PM


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The DEADLINE for the voting of class tee is 9 Sept 07. Please vote asap, thx:))

Relieved our stress @ 1:19 AM


Monday, September 3, 2007

September holidays are here! One week of relaxation from all the hard work at school. However, please don't forget to complete your holiday homework...

- Year one exam practice paper (structured questions)

- Download angles ppt slides from asknlearn
- Download and complete maths worksheet on angles from asknlearn
- Complete worksheet: 2005 end of year exams mathematics paper

- Complete worksheet: Comparing lung models
- Prepare for science test on 12.sep.07 (respiration & digestion)

- Read notes given (Glory of the Guptas & A Cosmopolitan Empire: tang dynasty)
- Complete essay on 'Is Singapore Experiencing a Golden Age?'

- Complete worksheet (2B textbk - 雨中 & 人,又少了一个)

Lastly, please start revising for your EOYs...

Ok, i think I'm done. Quick! start on ur hw now.

Courtesy of 1A class committee

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Updated plans for Teachers' Day celebration (31/8/2007)

`Please report to sch at usual time
`Be in your full SCHOOL UNIFORM (excluding tie)
`Everyone must be seated and settled down in the hall by 8.35am
`No lessons - you do not have to bring anything.

Please feel free to sms Grace, if there are any enquiries.


Tomorrow is the last day for handing in the money for the orders of our class photos. Please kindly remember to bring your money tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely,
Antlia Class Committee

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Open to all Antlians!!!!!

From what i know, most ppl in 1A does not like our CLASS T-SHIRT!!!!!
Most likely we will have ANOTHER class tee if most of the Antlian agree with this idea.

PLEASE VOTE!!!! Each person is entitled to 1 vote only!

Do you want to have a new class t-shirt?
Free polls from

Relieved our stress @ 5:54 PM


hey ppl:

Fri is teachers' day celebration, please cum 2 sch at usual time. Sch will end at abt 10am-10.30am :)
Attire: Class t-shirt, shorts/skirt

From what i know, most ppl in 1A does not like our CLASS T-SHIRT!!!!!
Most likely we will have ANOTHER class tee if most of the Antlian agree with this idea.

please vote!!!! Each person is entitled to 1 vote only!

Relieved our stress @ 5:16 PM


Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey Antlians!
Teachers' Day celebration is just this Friday! how do you all want to celebrate the day to impress the tchers and to express ur heartfelt gratitude to our devoted teachers?

Please give your opinions by tagging... We do not welcome tags of nonsense. Please be seirious about this ok?

And, special thanks to Nigel, for changing the blogsong, and adding in the lyrics.


Courtesy of 1A class committee

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Friday, August 17, 2007

9.00 - 9.30 Registration & Class Slide Show -- Hall
9.30 - 10.15 *Talks by Principal & Level Master/PD Head //* Presentation by students -- Hall
10.15 - 10.30 Movement to classroom
10.30 - 11.30 Interaction & Tea Time -- Classrooms
11.30 Home Sweet Home

1A -- Mr Cassidy Soh/4F . Mr Tan Kian Boon/1B
1B -- Christine Tan/1C . Royston/1D
1C -- Tan Lee Hwee/1E . Lin Shu Mei
1D -- Wong Fee Min/1L . Eileen Teng/1F
1E -- Kumaran/1H . Lin Chong Jie/1G
1F -- Hia Joo Tiah/2A . Noorizan Beevi/2B
1G -- Ho Kar Hui/2C . Kang Yeow Boey/2D
1H -- Leah Aw/2E . Shu Yuen/2F
1I -- Hardi Zein/1A . Cindy Tiong/1J
1J -- Lee Yin Teng/1K . Ling Han Chuang/2G
1K -- Kheng Hwee Teng/3A . Tay Boon Eng/3B
1L -- Koh Swee Ling/3C . Teo Chor Howe/3D

Please pass on this message to all your classmates. Thank you.

Courtesy of 1A Class Committee

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Please come to school with your TIE on MONDAY (13/8), as:
1. It's a MONDAY
2. We're going to have our class photo taken.

Please remember to bring $10 for the school yearbook and hand it in to WENKAI, if you have not done so, by MONDAY.

Please remember to bring your PE ATTIRE (including shorts) for PE lesson on MONDAY. Don't make the whole class run... Please? (:

Don't forget to appear in school on MONDAY, 13th August. Lols. This is lame. ha.

Ok, I think i'm done.~

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Please bring alons your school tie on Tuesday for next week's class photo taking thing. Pls remember to bring your tie! REMEMBER! Just stuff it in ur bag now..

Hey people. If u have any spare acryllic paint tubes lying around, doing nothing at home, please bring them to sch and place them in the box in the canteen. all the collected paints will be used during the post-exam activites. and to save money, pupils of 4E are collecting paints. So please remember to bring any extra acryllic paint to school on MONDAY. Thanks! (:

Please come in your red t-shirt and school shorts/skirt on 8th August (Wed), as part of the sch's national day celebration. Ok? pls rmb to wear red shirt.

Ok, that's all the announcements for now. Enjoy your weekends! (:

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey Antlians! Anyone interested to participate in the upcoming Intraschool Tennis Tournament? Here are the details...

The tournament consists of 2 catergories -- Men's Singles & Women's Singles. Each catergory has 16 limited places. Registration is based on a "first come first served" basis.


Premilinary -- Mon, 20/8/07 (3pm-6pm)
Quarter-finals -- Fri, 24/8/07 (3pm-6pm)
Semi-finals -- Fri, 24/8/07 (3pm-6pm)
Finals -- Mon, 27/8/07 (3pm-6pm)

*venue -- DHS tennis courts.

SMS your FULL NAME, GENDER and CLASS to the above no. (e.g. Lee Ah Beng Male 1A)

If you have any doubts, feel free to approach
Leanne (5E) - 91375029 or Hazel (5B) - 91503426

You may also want to check out the class notice board tomorrow, for more information.

On 1st August 07, 4G will conduct their CIP event. There will be a song dedication booth set up by them, and you guys can feel free to dedicate songs to your friends for whatever reason.

All the proceeds will go to SPCA, And they sincerely hope you would support them by dedicationg many songs...
Each dedication costs $2. You may collect the forms from me, and pass them to Benjamin Goh of 4G, by Tuesday or even Wednesday morning. You can also contact him at 98805746.
Please help them out to make this event a successful one. Thank you! (:


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

HEY Antlians! here are the topics to study for the upcoming tests...

- 31/7/2007 (cells & classification)
- 29/8/2007 (respiration & digestion)
- 15/8/2007 (osmosis & diffusion)
common test week 6
- Linear equations
- Graphs of linear equations
- Ratio, rate, proportion
- Percentage

Remember to prepare hard for them! Good luck to all!

Another reminder.
Please remember to bring your Parent-child Day consent form to school on MONDAY (30/7). please pass the form to me or Mr Soh by monday. Thank you! (: Enjoy ur weekends..


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hey Antlians! Enjoying IDMI week? Here are some announcements...
(as requested by some clsmates)
  • Bicultural (200 words)
  • History

  • Essay (tolland man)
  • History worksheet (features of a civilisation)
  • Science

  • Diffusion & osmosis w/s (do mcq qns and as much open-ended as u can)
  • Diffusion, osmosis & active transport (do as much as u can)
  • Maths (if u have nt completed)

  • Worksheet page 12 & 13 (A portion of the practice...)
  • ** Note that all the assignments are to be handed in during the week after idmi wk. Please remember to complete them.


    Gentle reminder to all. Kindly sign-in to your edulearn account for the information on idmi week. Please take note of your consultaion hours (do not miss them), and the presentation date (Wed, 25th July 07).

    Thank you.


    The application for rental of the sch lockers are now available. If you wish to rent a locker, please obtain an application form from Grace, and make payment to Grace OR the General Office by week 5 or so.


    The link to our class timetable has been updated on our blog. If you wish to view it, please click on 'two'. The link is under the heading 'our timetable'.


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    Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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    SO FLaBby!!!Lets see who A.A said yesterday that will be goiNG 3@..... NigEL, gRACE, zhen wen, edric.... May 3A welcAAme us... woohoooo!!!!!

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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    OMG. take a look at this (copied over from edulearn):

    " Date
    Tan Ser Khee Michelle
    Mobile Library at the foyer on 17th July 2007 (9am - 3pm)

    Dear students & teachers,
    NLB - Jurong East will be bringing the mobile library to us on 17th July 2007 (9am - 3pm)!!!
    Books related to IDMI projects & popular titles will be displayed for loan that day. Remeber to bring your ID & do borrow to a maximum of 4 books each.
    All are welcome anytime to browse the books but the Year 1s & 2s, please follow the following schedule:

    Schedule / Classes
    9.00 - 9.15am 1K / 2G / 2H
    9.15 - 9.45am 1E
    9.45 - 10.15am 1G
    10.15 - 10.45am 2I / 2J
    10.45 - 11.15am 1D / 1I / 2K
    11.15 - 11.45am 1A / 2C
    11.45 - 12.15pm 1F / 1L
    12.15 - 12.45pm 1B / 2E
    12.45 - 1.15pm 2A / 2L
    1.15 - 1.45pm 1C / 2F
    1.45 - 2.15pm 2B / 2D

    Happy Reading & See all of you that day!
    Miss Michelle TanLibrary Officer "

    We were scheduled to visit the mobile library today, during LA lesson.. Sadly.. &, omg, the topics are related to our IDMI thing. may be useful... and we missed it.. argh.


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    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Hey every1...pls bring an extra pe t-shirt as we will have some interesting Racial Harmony Day games!(unless u want to wear e same shirt as u wear 4 pe.) Pls wear a tie too as we have comp lesson. Thanks! :)


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    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    hello, ppl, i wanted to sell a handphone cover (model w850i sony ericsson ), its is made of rubber and is orange in colour. so if anyone wanna buy, please contact me at 93436512. thx

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    hello Antlians!
    great news! we are now allowed to eat in cls, provided we keep it clean. we are allowed to eat during recess and lunch times, and during lessons provided the teacher gives you the permission.
    we are allowed to eat finger foods, food with proper packaging, food without gravy etc. soupy stuff and food with gravy are not allowed.
    we are required to provide our own bins/bags to dispose all our food wrappers and packaging, and these bins must be cleared IMMEDIATELY after recess and lunch time. our classroom will be monitored by the 1B class committee pupils, and they will report to the discipline master if our classroom is not clean. so everyone, please do their part in keeping our classroom clean. if we are reported to Mr Teo, we will have to do corrective work order (CWO) of cleaning the parade square for 20mins.
    the Antlia class comm will also be checking on 1B. Hence, all class comm members are to stay behind after school tomorrow to conduct the check.
    Another reminder to all: we will be dismissed from school @ 12.45pm this friday, 13/7 (tomorrow).
    the last announcement. our friend Wye Inn has, very unfortunately, lost her science file. Ms Tan has requested the whole class to help her in finding her file. pls check under your desks, in your bags and your lockers, to see if u have taken her file by mistake. Pls help.
    Thank you for your cooperation!

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    Sunday, July 8, 2007

    ok, this is another reminder to all Antlians.

    Timetable for this week:
  • MONDAY - Day 6
  • TUESDAY - Day 2
  • WEDNESDAY - Day 3
  • THURSDAY - Day 4
  • FRIDAY - Day 5

  • Please take note that the sch will follow day 6's timetable on monday, so pls come to sch prepared for it.

    And don't forget that we'll be going for our CIP on mon (9/7), the geylang river cleanup thing. We will be dismissed from DHS @ Tanjong Rhu at abt 5.15pm.


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    Thursday, July 5, 2007

    ok, this post is for those who left sch early.. here's wad we did during sci and maths lessons.

  • presented our dichotomous keys to the class.
  • we gave each other points, and the grp with the most points will get a gift frm Ms Tan
  • grps doing Monera and Plantae tied with a score of 46. go ask the grp leader for the gift tmr.
  • end of sci lesson
  • Maths:

  • Mr Hia returned us our maths test (graphs)
  • learnt about the Golden Ratio
  • copied a chunk of super difficult equations that he has yet to teach
  • Mr Hia told us abt the *sem2 maths project - 3rd to 6th week (4ppl in 1 grp)

  • * you can log in to edulearn for more details on the project.

    Ok, that's abt all we did for sci n maths lessns. know more details frm ur clsmates tmr.


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    Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    Ok, this is a reminder to all the Antlians who have yet to hand in their IDMI consent forms. Please do so by tomorrow (5.7.07). Thank you! and pass this message on.


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    Tuesday, July 3, 2007

    Hi everyone!!1a class com here!! We wish to apologise on the outrage of racist jokes on behalf of the students of 1@. We will get to the bottom of the matter and find out who are the culprits. We regret that this has happened and we apologise once more. SORRY!!

    Published by wk

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    Sunday, July 1, 2007

    Hey Antlians,
    While you Guys are enjoying your youth day holiday, pls rmb to CUT YOUR HAIR. lol Cuz there may be a spotcheck on Tues, when we return to sch. (:
    Galz, pls come prepared with hairclips, hairbands and bla bla blas for the spotcheck. You dont want ur hair to end up being pinned up by the tchers.
    And pls come in neat attire, dun wear super low ankle socks, don fold ur skirts and etc etc.
    enjoy youth day! (:

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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    take a look,
    joke of e dea:

    No Toilet Paper
    There is a man that just got done eating dinner and he was on his way to a party. Half way there he said, "man i really gotta take a dump." he got off the freeway, found an abandoned gas station went in there and took a dump. While he was taking this dump he read a sign that said "There is no tolet paper... You have wipe your ass with your first two fingers, then stick them out the hole and they will be licked clean for you." Well, he had no choice so he wiped his ass with his fingers and stuck them out the hole. All of a sudden a guy with two bricks smacked his fingers. The man screamed with pain and licked his own fingers.


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    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Hey Antlians!
    There will be a youth day celebration tomorrow (29/7/07)
    There will be a concert and a carnival.
    There will also be movie screenings at a few year4 clasrooms.
    I'll tell you the confirmed venue tomorrow if you are interested to catch a movie.

    There arent any lessons tomorrow.
    You do not to bring an extra PE t-shirt (as instructed earlier) anymore.
    Please bring along some money, as food will be sold at the carnival.

    Here are some information you need to take note of:

    Attire: Class T-shirt (decided by vote)

  • Flag-raising - 8.00am
  • Concert
  • Break
  • Concert
  • Dismissal - about 12.00pm
  • Happy Youth Day in advance!!

    -Grace (:

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      Sunday, June 17, 2007


      today i did a few things on the class blog...
      1. skin changed (hope u all like it =D)
      2. song changed due to popular demand
      3. spammers banned
      4.cbox greatly modified
      *enabled avatar and anti spamming
      *widen the length
      *2 lines for msg box now
      *change to classic blue

      ya that wad i did today... hope u all like the changes

      Shandelzare Silkwood signed off
      Your Sincerely

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      Monday, June 11, 2007

      Class gathering
      We will be going out to catch a movie.

      Date: 14th June 2007
      Venue: Tampines Mall (4th floor Golden Village Cinema)
      Time: Movie starts at 4.50pm (*Please meet outside the cinema 10mins before the showtime.)
      Movie: Fantastic Four 2: Rise of The Silver Surfer

      Ticket Price: S$8.00

      Please note that the date has been changed back to the 14th June.

      If you are going for the gathering, please tag or inform Grace or Nicole by 13th June.

      *IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we are booking in advance, no cancellation/refunds are allowed after your confirmation. Thank you for your cooperation. (:


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      Sunday, June 3, 2007

      sian.......... History project haven finish..., geog haven edit finish... haiz... now at Jiaxin's house doing the history project, only me and her lolz. so boring, Yingxin not coming, they coming tmr with Shengya they all. At least we did extract some info. gtg le...

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      Sunday, May 27, 2007

      hey ppl welcome to the new cls blog. created: 27 May 2007...

      hope u dont mind tht a new blog is created... (: ok, pls give ur opnions on the cls gathering on the tagboard. thx!

      if u hv any opinion on this blog, (blogskin, song, colour etc.) feel free to tag, and giv ur suggestions.

      p.s. u'll be informed of the username and pw b4 10th june, through email. contact me/nicole if u hv not receved by then ty for all ur cooperation!

      -Grace x]

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      Heys all, we thinking of giving mr soh a bdae pt... any1 got any suggestions pls leave them on dis blog's cbox or mi or grace's cbox. Currently, we r thinking of celebrating it at a park(either east coast or pasir ris) wif a barbecue? We know da idea is boring but we got nth else. So feel free 2 voice opinions! Hurry cuz his bdae is lyk 3rd wk of holis n we nid time to prepare! ~~N1c0L3 =)

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      CLASS BLOG!!! XD.

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